Clean And Paint The Plastic Grille On The Front Of Your Truck

26 August 2016
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If you recently painted the trim on your truck and would like to coat the plastic grille located on the front of your vehicle with the same color of paint, utilize the following steps. Once you have completed the job, your truck will have a uniform and well-cared for appearance. Materials power drill pry bar scouring pad soapy water water hose towel drop cloth automotive paint clear sealant electric paint sprayer Remove The Grille And Clean Its Surface Read More 

Truck Cap Accessories To Enhance Functionality

21 May 2016
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On its own, a cap hood is a highly functional piece of equipment. However, there are a number of accessories you can install in or around your truck cap that will make it even more functional. If you have a cap, make sure you know what accessories you should be considering. Screen Protectors If you have a pet that often rides in the truck cap area, you need to invest in a screen protector. Read More 

Is Your Automobile Shaking? 3 Common Problems To Worry About

29 February 2016
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If your automobile is shaking and you fear that you have a mechanical problem, getting it to a licensed mechanic to see what is going on is the best option. You want to find out what the concern is to make sure that you aren't at risk when you're behind the wheel, and to ensure you aren't damaging your automobile more. Here are a few of the common problems that could be causing the shaking. Read More 

Investing In Tarp Systems For Your Independent Trucking Business

19 February 2016
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To ensure your success as an independent trucker, it's important that you have access to the right equipment. Protecting your truck, and the loads you haul, can be made easier when you invest in a rolling or sliding tarp system that is designed to fit over your tractor trailer. Here are three things to be looking for as you evaluate tarp systems in the future. 1. Check to ensure that the motor powering the rolling tarp system is designed to withstand exposure to the elements. Read More 

Intriguing Information About Car Coating

7 February 2016
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Are you interested in installing a vehicle undercoating to your vehicle? There are many reasons you should, including how well it protects the underside of your car. The following information is some of the most intriguing in the world of undercoating. It will help expand your knowledge on this process, including some of the earliest (and weirdest) attempts at making this product. The First Car Undercoating? Chicken Fat As early car buyers suffered from damage to the underbody of their car, a variety of different items were marketed and sold as a barrier of protection. Read More