Truck Cap Accessories To Enhance Functionality

21 May 2016
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On its own, a cap hood is a highly functional piece of equipment. However, there are a number of accessories you can install in or around your truck cap that will make it even more functional. If you have a cap, make sure you know what accessories you should be considering.

Screen Protectors

If you have a pet that often rides in the truck cap area, you need to invest in a screen protector. Screen protectors are typically designed as a mesh, vinyl-clad wire screen that rests securely over the window. With this feature, your pet still gets the necessary ventilation without the safety risk of a pet riding near a large open window.

Additionally, since the screen is bolted on the inside of the cap, it also provides a level of extra protection for a would be intruder. This addition works best with a 50/50 or sliding window style.

Dome Light

Lighting is essential. Don't assume that the light from your truck's cab will be strong enough to illuminate the truck cap area. You can invest in a dome light to prevent this issue. Truck cap lights come in a variety of options, but LED lights are a good selection as they last a considerable length of time and they don't generate high levels of heat.

Lights are commonly available in a bar, dome or rope style. Exactly how much light you need can help you make your selection. Typically, if you need a brighter illumination a rope light that extends around the perimeter of the truck cap will be a good option.

Cargo Hauling System

Installing a cargo system on the hood of your cap is ideal should you need to haul large items. Cargo systems come in a variety of different configurations, including tie-downs and track systems. With tie-downs, you have a set of anchor-like devices installed on the cap. This allows you to secure the load by tying a bungee cord around it.

The only drawback is that the item you are transporting rests directly on the surface of the cap. With a track system, you can secure the loads the same way, but you don't have to worry about the item you're hauling scratching your cap hood.

Make sure you aren't overlooking accessories for your truck cap, such as those from J & C Campers, as there are a number of options that cannot only increase functionally, but that can also enhance security and versatility.