How To Protect Your RV With A Cover: Choosing The Best Cover For Your Needs

13 March 2018
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If you are new to the world of traveling in an RV, there are so many fun but important learning curves that come along with caring for your rig. One of the most crucial aspects of any RV or camper is the roof of the rig. If you get a leak or other breech, it can completely ruin the entire RV. Caring for your roof is very important. One of the easiest ways to maintain your roof is to keep it covered when you are not using it. Many people do this by buying or building a carport-type structure to park in. If that is not an option for you, a cover for your rig is another way to protect the roof. When you are choosing a cover, be sure to keep the following in mind:

The Size of the Cover

Sizing your RV for a cover is important. When you go to purchase your cover, you will need to have the sizing specs on hand so that you purchase a cover that is adequate for your rig. The length, which you likely know by memory for parking purposes, is important. But, the height and width of your RV should also be measured. You can find the measurements in your RV owner's manual, but it is best to physically go out and measure it yourself so you get a cover with the best fit.


The durability of an RV cover is also important. You do not want to go out and purchase the cheapest RV cover possible. Yes, it will initially get the job done, but it will eventually wear down and tear, causing you to have to spend more money on another cover.

Instead, take the time to research covers that have multiple layers of protection. Most covers are made from layers of polyester. You should look for a cover that has two or three times the layers of fabric so it can withstand inclement weather and damage. A single-layer cover will easily rip, but a cover with multiple layers will last for many years in normal weather conditions.

Custom Fit

Another option you may consider is purchasing a custom fitted cover for your RV. This can be ordered from the company that manufactures your rig. This way, you are ensured to not have as much, or any billowing fabric while your RV is being stored. It will be fitted specifically for your RV so it will fit like a glove.

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